Specialty Services

The Art of Ying offers a broad array of specialty services to help you achieve your goals. Every service is tailored to meet your specific needs. On-site workshops can be made at your request.


Facilitating business connections in China

Marketing tools for your product or service

Personal coaching for entrepreneurs

Intensive training for expatriates planning to reside in China

Preparing for your business trip to China

Consulting on China-related endeavors


Assisting with marketing materials to recruit Chinese students

Developing tailored programs to work in conjunction with current curriculum

Providing supplemental educational tools such as e-workbooks

Preparing professors and administrators for a visit or long-term sabbatical to China

Coaching students for the interview process

Guiding Chinese students in their transition to life in America


Training tools for officials

Developing programs to facilitate your agencies’ objectives

Coaching to receive a Chinese government delegation

Laying the groundwork for an official visit to China


The Sinophile

Parents of Chinese adopted children

The travel connoisseur

Those seeking mental acuity


Tutoring to be the consummate host to Chinese visitors in your home country

Translation services

  • English to Mandarin
  • Mandarin to English


  • Artistic rendering of your name in Chinese characters
  • Specific phrases

Special requests

Contact us for our specialty services