Sample Mandarin Lessons

Welcome to The Art of Ying Business Mandarin sample lessons. The good news about learning to speak and understand Chinese is that it’s simply not as difficult as one might imagine. Chinese grammar is far less complicated than that of most other languages. So once the sounds and tones become second nature and the word order becomes familiar, tremendous progress can be made by just continuing to learn new vocabulary.

Our innovative approach to acquiring Mandarin language skills will put you on the fast track to conversing confidently with the Chinese. Two key aspects of the methodology enhance the effectiveness of our program.

1. We emphasize achieving a level of pronunciation proficiency that won’t leave the Chinese confused and wondering what you’ve just said.

2. We attach great importance to learning valuable cultural insights. Because language and culture are interconnected, we introduce cultural perspectives to become more aware of Chinese values.

Each lesson has three sections:

1. Building Blocks: This recorded instruction emphasizes correct pronunciation and basic vocabulary. The Chinese words are shown both in Chinese characters and pinyin. By clicking on the arrows, you will hear how the words are pronounced.

2. Practice: This provides a review of all the material introduced in the lesson along with recorded pronunciation tips.

3. Lesson Summary: This section reviews key grammar points and cultural insights.  Additionally, specific written Chinese characters may be  explained,  particularly when an ideogram or pictogram is noteworthy.

We strongly recommend that you use Google Chrome as your browser in order to view the Chinese characters.

We trust that these sample lessons will inspire you to continue on!


Sample Lesson A


Sample Lesson B