Our Story

The two founders of The Art of Ying, Tong Zhao and Jacqueline Gilbertson, are both graduates of the Wharton School of The University of Pennsylvania. Fate did its magic when they met each other at a Wharton alumni event in Los Angeles. There they discovered their mutual passion for those who have dealings with the Chinese to be winners.

Ms. Zhao was born and raised in Shandong in Mainland China, the home province of Confucius. She received her Bachelor of Arts in English at Shandong University. Upon graduation, her position with the Chinese government travel bureau gave her the opportunity to receive international visitors from all over the world. These exchanges inspired her to pursue graduate education abroad. At Wharton she focused on finance and strategic management. Her professional career has included important positions at Fortune 500 companies and a highly regarded non-profit organization.

Prior to receiving her MBA in international business, Ms. Gilbertson concentrated on multi-lingual studies and linguistics at the University of Wisconsin where she was awarded membership to Phi Beta Kappa and a Fulbright teaching scholarship in France. As an international business executive with such companies as Neutrogena, Max Factor, Johnson & Johnson and Fred Hayman Beverly Hills, she traveled to all corners of the world and, in particular, spent considerable time in China. Additionally, she has extensive experience creating and executing cultural programs as well as teaching social and business savvy to a variety of audiences.

Together, Ms. Zhao and Ms. Gilbertson form a dynamic team whose combined cross-cultural background allows them to bridge the gap between different worlds. The depth and breadth of their experience has laid a strong foundation for The Art of Ying.