On-line Programs

The Art of Ying 3-pronged on-line program comprises:

Business Mandarin: 100 lessons

Conversational competence in business Mandarin can be achieved.

We introduce the innovative YING™ approach to learning the 4 basic tones in Mandarin.  It’s easy on the ears and proven successful!

What will you attain?

  • pronunciation and tonal mastery
  • grammar fundamentals
  • facility in substantial business dialogues and exchanges
  • technical and specialized business vocabulary

Each lesson includes a recorded instructional transcript, exercises and a lesson summary.


Chinese  Business Protocol: 12 lessons

Our comprehensive Chinese protocol program spells out the road map to facilitate your success in sealing the deal.

This program is further strengthened by our unique self-evaluation tool. It allows you to heighten the awareness of those areas where your particular professional style differs the most from what is typically Chinese.

With your new skill set, imagine the confidence you will have in dealing with the Chinese. For instance, you’ll know the proper way to exchange business cards, which controversial topics to avoid and how to negotiate with the greatest of ease!

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Chinese Culture Kaleidoscope: 50 lessons

A colorful breadth of culture capsules provides insights into the values held by the Chinese and how these beliefs take shape in their daily life.

For example, you’ll know the best way to acknowledge your host, how to handle chopsticks and which numbers and colors have special significance.

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